4 cool phone hacks for travellers in tight spots

Travelling can throw up some unexpected situations. You may never need these hacks, but if you do, you’ll be delighted that you knew what to do in advance.


Medical Information screen

Both Android and iOS have a setting that can help you if you are unable to help yourself. From your phones lock screen, medical professionals can access the details you choose to share. Add in at least any allergies, medications, and other medical conditions that may be important as well as one or more emergency contacts. If anything does happen to you, this information may be essential to those trying to help.


Photograph or scan your essential documents

Take photos of all your documents and make sure they are backed up to the cloud (or email copies to yourself.) Alternatively, use an app like ScannerPro for the same result.

If you lose your passport, drivers’ license, or ID while on the road it can be a disaster. Having copies of all your important documents can make getting replacements easier or just getting to your next stop possible. While it won’t replace the real thing, it can be a great stopgap in an emergency.


Instant speakers

If the situation demands music in your room while travelling the tinny speakers on your phone sometimes aren’t enough. There are a few easy ways to get better sound. Cut a slit in a toilet roll and push your phone into the paper tube or put your phone into a dry cup or bowl for a much-improved sound.


Save your drowned phone

If you drop your phone in the bath or spill a glass of water on it all is not lost if you act fast and follow the right steps. First, remove it from the water as soon as you can and pat dry with a towel, napkins, or something similar. Second is to turn off the phone or remove the battery of this is possible in the model you have. After all, visible water is removed, then you need to get at the water you can’t see. Head to a supermarket and purchase 1) a large Ziplock bag and 2) either anti-humidity desiccants (used to keep cupboards fresh) or a bag of rice. Empty the package of rice or pop the desiccant bags into the Ziplock bag. Wrap the phone in a single layer of toilet paper and place it in the bag before sealing it up. Leave it in there as long as you can, 24 hours minimum but the longer, the better before turning the phone on again.