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AI And Its Impact on Your Daily Life

  As early as five years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was discussed only in conversations between tech enthusiasts and professionals or within the context of futuristic sci-fi stories. However, within a very short timeframe, it stopped being a niche topic or a distant possibility. It became a reality we may struggle to understand or adapt […]

Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer While Traveling

  Whether you need it for navigation, communication, or entertainment, your phone is your best friend while travelling, making it necessary to extend the battery’s lifespan as much as possible and for as long as needed. Luckily, you can follow a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re never in the red.   1. Understand […]

Top 5 Must-Have Tech Gadgets For Thrilling Outoor Adventures

  Enjoying the great outdoors is a fantastic way to take a break from the monotonous routine of modern life and earn a new appreciation for the beauty our planet has to offer. But while you can opt to only make use of what Mother Nature offers you, modern technology can considerably enhance your experience. […]

Tech Detox For The New Year: 5 Tips To Fight Tech Addiction in 2024

  Don’t let tech start the global takeover just yet – welcome 2024 with a rested body, a clear mind, and a silent phone.   New years are synonymous with opportunities. Picture them as a blank canvas that you can fill with any masterpiece you want to paint. Resolutions, then, are a guideline—they mark the path […]

Exploring the World of Blockchain

  Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, NFT and more of the current buzzwords you see in tech circles have all one thing in common—blockchain. Considered the backbone of the fintech industry, blockchain is a term as prevalent as it is hard to understand for newcomers. However, it is far from incomprehensible—with a proper explanation, it can be relatively […]

Six Ways to Save on Energy Bills

According to the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service, July became the hottest month ever recorded on Earth. Likewise, the past few winters have been getting much colder. Luckily, odds are you are privileged enough to have the comfort of an insulated home that protects you from these extreme weather temperatures. Unluckily, energy bills can quickly […]