5 Key Benefits of Renewable Energy

    Everyone keeps talking about the importance of renewable energy for the environment. It’s a critical element of sustainability discourse, but is it really as good as it seems? The short answer is yes. The long one? Well, keep reading!   What is Renewable Energy?   As its name indicates, it is energy that […]

AI And Its Impact on Your Daily Life

  As early as five years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was discussed only in conversations between tech enthusiasts and professionals or within the context of futuristic sci-fi stories. However, within a very short timeframe, it stopped being a niche topic or a distant possibility. It became a reality we may struggle to understand or adapt […]

Exploring the World of Blockchain

  Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, NFT and more of the current buzzwords you see in tech circles have all one thing in common—blockchain. Considered the backbone of the fintech industry, blockchain is a term as prevalent as it is hard to understand for newcomers. However, it is far from incomprehensible—with a proper explanation, it can be relatively […]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Metaverse

When it was announced that Facebook will now be known as “Meta,” a lot of hype grew around the Metaverse and the many possibilities it could offer.