Music Apps For Winners & Loungers


Access to music has never been simpler. There is a streaming platform every few clicks – but the question is, are they legit? Like, legit good? Legit quality?

Fortunately, we’ve found a few streaming platforms that are not only legit, they’ll save you from giving your thumb a tan from scrolling so much in front of the glow of your phone. They’re thumbstopping awesome.

The question is: what are the best music apps for every aspect of your life? From hustling at work to chillin’ in the evening – and of course, the most important: brunch playlists that are upbeat but also give you that “I think I’ll have one more mimosa” feeling.


Here are our picks for great music streaming services to get all your favorites for every vibe.



With a free and paid option, Spotify is right for pretty much everyone. They can stream anywhere, and the selection is outrageously endless. Any mood, any place. Spotify is near flawless.



It’s the sound…in the cloud! Seriously. People upload their self made music and it’s off to the races. From major artists to that DJ down the street who hasn’t left his basement since 2008. It’s a rich selection of emerging trends, unique beats and indie excellence. The soundtrack to your next party everyone will be talking about is likely here.



Live concerts, recorded by fans? Relisten is the answer!  Some artists have thousands of shows available to listen to!  Perfect for every occasion, you can find the hottest new singles and music from pretty much when music was invented (or at least pretty close).  It’s the go-to for gym-rats and loungers alike.



What do you get when you couple the power of an infinite music catalog with millions of users? DEEZER. With one of the best options for community made playlists, Deezer is a serious contender for any audiophile. With their motto, “Never Stop Discovering,” DEEZER is an incredibly diverse selection of human selected and auto generated suggestions of music that always seem perfect. Start with even just one song, and let DEEZER link you up with what you think you’ll like next. It’s almost scary how accurate it’ll reflect your nuanced tastes.


Are there thousands more apps? Absolutely. Do we think these apps may be the perfect lifestyle selections? For sure! Streaming music is here to stay, and these apps will get you on your way.

Now… time to plug in to those earphones.

And oh yes, next…to the half empty wine. Time for a refill!