Why solo travelers are empowered by their smartphone

The is a massive recent increase of people choosing to travel solo. In one recent survey, 15% of people were choosing to go on holiday alone in the next 12 months; an increase form a mere 6% just eight years ago. So why are three times more people considering going it alone?


Why travel alone?
The key advantages are being able to have full control over every decision you make for your holiday. Your destination, pace, food choices, and activities are all in your hands. The second aspect is being independent and the opportunity this gives for personal growth. Being able to challenge yourself alone gives you great opportunities to learn about what you are capable of. The last is being free to be yourself and to meet new people without any preconceptions.


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There is a shift in how companies provide for solo travelers.
The world of travel has changed, and it makes traveling alone viable for a wider range of people. As demand grows, things like single subsidies and forced room sharing is declining. Providers are starting to see that this demographic is growing fast and so they need to cater for people who want to travel solo.


Technology offers security and capability.
Smartphones and the suite of travel apps available have also revolutionized the sector. In Expedia’s 20319 Solo travel report, the key discomforts that people face are:

• Being lost and needing directions
• Concerns around safety
• Discomfort around language barriers


Apps like Google Maps, Google Translate, WhatsApp, Find My Phone, and others directly address these concerns. Using recommendation apps like Four Square and Trip Advisor mean that you can ensure your tour operator or accommodation is legitimate, and you can research areas and places that meet your risk profile before visiting.

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Hit the road alone to meet the world.
Solo travelers are deciding in ever-growing numbers that their smartphone offers enough capability to be all the traveling companion they need. The new importance of the phone means that a backup battery, a quality case to keep the phone safe, and a good pair of headphones are increasingly an essential part of any travellers’s packing plans, whether they are traveling solo or not.


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