How to Manage Cable Clutter When Travelling

A bird’s nest, a ball of wool the kitten got, or a bowl of spaghetti. If any of these are terms that could describe your cables when travelling then read on and we’ll help you keep them ready for use when you need them.

Travelling can require you to carry a multitude of cables. Moreover, all the cables seem to have an uncanny ability to find other cables with which to tangle. Having them in good condition and readily available makes your trip much more pleasant. Follow these three easy tips for a stress-free cable management strategy.


  1. The first tip is the simplest. Take only the cables (and devices) that you know you will need. Throwing in a handful of extra cables “just in case” will more than likely cause you grief. If your phone, camera and alarm clock all use micro-USB can you manage with one charger instead of three?


  1. Keep your cables handy. If your device has its own separate case, then make sure the cable travels with the device. You’ll know where it is, and it is easily accessible. For the rest, keep them in one easy access bag. Having all the cables that can’t be packed with their own devices in one spot means you know where to look. You can reuse an old eyeglass case, mesh bag, or small Tupperware box for this purpose.


  1. Tidy your cables. Automatic cable winders, Velcro ties, hairbands, and elastic bands can all help to ensure your cables can’t get wrapped up in each other. Think about how the cable you are restraining will be used and choose and appropriate tool. This makes your cables easy to find and protects them from damage.


Tangled cables are frustrating, and kinked cables can be damaged. Keeping your cables handy and organised ensures you can use your devices as painlessly as you would at home.