best phone apps for travellers

Top 5 Apps for Digital Nomads

Life on the road is exciting, but it does come with some unique challenges. Thankfully today’s digital nomad has access to a personal assistant that fits in your pocket. Your smartphone can make your time on the road easy. Here are our top five applications for the digital nomad.



Hopper App

Hopper scans flight prices and shows you when it will be cheapest to fly. It also makes recommendations on whether to book immediately or to wait for prices to fall based on Hopper’s assessments of likely price movements. If you have some flexibility around the dates, you are traveling Hopper can save you a considerable amount of money on your flights.



tripit app

TripIt keeps all the information about your trip in one handy place. Once you follow TripIt’s easy setup process, all your reservations are automatically uploaded to one place. Your trips are automatically organized into logical blocks, and you can manually edit the information.

You can add hotels, Airbnb, tickets, car rentals, travel confirmations, and more. Moreover, once you have it all, it is easy to share with the people who need to know what your movements are.


Bands in Town

bandsintown app

Live music is a great way to get into the heart of a new city, but how to find out who is playing? Bands in Town scans your music libraries (including Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple music, and others) and lets you follow artists that you love. You can then see who is playing on the towns you are going to be in and book tickets directly through the app.


Units Plus

unitsplus app

How much does a 25 euro meal cost in US dollars? How many miles in 50 kilometers? How many milliliters are you 25-ounce drink? How hot is a 35 degree centigrade day in Fahrenheit? The answer to all these questions and more are easily at your fingertips in Units Plus. An excellent easy interface means you’ll understand what is going on regardless of where you are.


evernote app

Where to go, what to read, the best food stalls, what we need from the shop, for whom to buy a gift. You need the best memory in the world to keep these all at your fingertips, or just download Evernote. A simple list and notetaking app it is searchable, easy to navigate, and simple to share. You can link accounts with others so that your lists stay synchronized, and you have the information you need when you need it.

There you have it. Our top five apps for digital nomads to help you focus on having the time of your life. The power of a smartphone means that with a little work to get organized upfront, your trips can be smooth sailing.