Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer While Traveling

  Whether you need it for navigation, communication, or entertainment, your phone is your best friend while travelling, making it necessary to extend the battery’s lifespan as much as possible and for as long as needed. Luckily, you can follow a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re never in the red.   1. Understand […]

Music Apps For Winners & Loungers

  Access to music has never been simpler. There is a streaming platform every few clicks – but the question is, are they legit? Like, legit good? Legit quality? Fortunately, we’ve found a few streaming platforms that are not only legit, they’ll save you from giving your thumb a tan from scrolling so much in […]

best phone apps for travellers
Top 5 Apps for Digital Nomads

Your smartphone can make your time on the road easy. Here are our top five applications for the digital nomad.