Everything You Need to Know About Cashless Travelling


As technology advances and convenience continues to top every priority list, cash has become one of the casualties.

Several cities and a handful of countries are estimated to become entirely cashless within a few years—a trajectory accelerated by the health concerns brought forward by the pandemic and the need for distance.

However, if you find yourself in a pickle when considering going cashless on your next vacation, don’t worry. It’s much simpler than you might think.


Benefits of Cashless Travelling

Cashless travelling is, first and foremost, incredibly convenient from a safety perspective. It allows you to carry significant amounts of money without extra weight or bulk, which guarantees some additional degree of safety and could make you less of an evident target for theft or loss.

Likewise, cashless payments are very convenient when travelling overseas, making dealing with different currencies a piece of cake. You no longer have to worry about buying the local coin or struggle to make calculations as you pay.

They also make financial responsibility a lot easier. With debit/credit cards or digital wallets, tracking your expenses is fast and uncomplicated, which helps you keep tight control of your travelling budget. Likewise, it’s much easier to call financial institutions for support in case of robbery or fraud, which protects your money.

However, the most significant benefit of cashless travelling is its accessibility. With many payment options ready to go, you can ensure you can pay anytime, anywhere, without issue.


Cashless Payment Methods

There are countless cashless payment methods in the market, and whatever is available to you depends on your country, bank, and needs.

1. Debit and Credit Cards are the most popular cashless payment methods, as they tend to be near-universally accepted regardless of destination. You can opt for traditional ones or convenient and safe contactless cards.

2. Digital Wallet Apps are virtual wallets that exist as apps or websites and can function as payment hotspots. By linking them to your bank accounts, debit, or credit cards, you can make it easier to pay directly while redeeming coupons or reward points. Some examples include PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others.

3. Online Bank Transfers are the digital version of a classic. Through an account with login and password, you can access your bank’s portal or app to transfer from one account to another directly.

4. Digital Currencies are means of payment that only exist electronically and do not have a physical form, such as cryptocurrency or stablecoins.


What Should You Keep in Mind Before Cashless Travelling?

The first thing to remember is that cashless travelling should never be entirely cashless. You should always keep a small amount of cash with you in case of an emergency, but the bulk of your money should be in other formats.

Next, research your destination beforehand to learn the most commonly accepted payment methods. For example, a 2022 survey in Sweden determined that only 8% of the population used cash for recent purchases—a number that has probably grown smaller since then. On the other hand, Japan is notorious for primarily working with cash.

Third, don’t forget to secure your cashless payment methods. You’ll likely be more exposed to fraud, robbery, and other risks when travelling. As such, your best bet would be to diversify your cashless payment methods as much as possible to avoid gathering your money in one place. Likewise, use strong passwords and two-factor authentication security methods on any account or device.

Lastly, remember that many cashless payment options carry payment fees worth considering. Some banks charge high fees for overseas transactions, currency conversion fees, and many more—be sure to research beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises while travelling.


With this knowledge and guidelines to follow, you can enjoy the cashless travelling benefits without any safety risk.

It may be hard to adapt if you’re used to analogue payments, but remember, the future is already here—joining in can ensure your dream vacation remains hassle-free!